Friday, October 29, 2010

Magician's Muse by Linda Joy Singleton

Hello All,

Linda Joy Singleton was kind enough to offer copies of her newest book, Magician's Muse, to young adult librarians on the YALSA-BK listserv, and I was one of the lucky recipients.

Magician's Muse is about a young woman who is a seer--she can see things that are going to happen, but was persecuted for it at her previous high school. Since then, Sabine has been living with equally talented grandmother, who welcomes and acknowledges Sabine's gifts. In this book, Sabine sees her ex-boyfriend, a magician, being held prisoner at a remote location, surrounded by men in formal attire, including capes. Despite warnings and concerns of her current boyfriend and friends, she goes off to investigate and see if she can help him. The muse part of the title and plot are about a failed woman magician from the past who claims to be helping a woman magician in the present become part of the magician's world, which in this book, belongs to men. Sabine has to go up against evil magicians and an angry ghost in order to set things right.

When Ms. Singleton sent me her book for review, she didn't know I was the kind of person who would feel I needed to read the previous 5 in this series. I wasn't sure either, but I read the first in the series, Don't Die Dragonfly, and was hooked--I had to read all of them to read Magician's Muse. The Seer is one of the best young adult series I've read in a long time, and with its tight story arc and sequence, I am so glad I didn't have to wait six months to a year between each book! I loved the characters, especially those who become close to Sabine and support her. And the stories kept me turning the pages in each book.

Not only do I recommend Magician's Muse, the final chapter of this series, but I recommend the whole Seer series! Enjoy!

The Seer series is: 1) Don't Die Dragonfly, 2) Last Dance, 3) Witch Ball, 4) Sword Play, 5) Fatal Charm and 6) Magician's Muse

Happy Reading!