Thursday, August 18, 2016

Three Terrific Books

Hello All!

Here are some books I’ve finished lately, but haven’t told anyone about, until now:

Crushed by Deborah Coonts
I really enjoyed this new book and direction by Deborah Coonts. Not a mystery, but a story about starting over/fresh with a new project and the possibility of love. Sophia Stone, a widow of five years, has been caring for inherited grapevines from her grandfather, and she is on the brink of a new wine. Nico Treviani is a winemaker for a large winery that wants to sell lots of wine inexpensively, and seems not to care much about its taste. Nico also has recent tragedy in his life; the death of his brother is the loss of a best friend, and a gain of custody of his twin 13 year old nieces. Thanks to Sophia’s daughter, who works for Nico, Sophia’s wine meets Nico, who finds the missing link to make it great. Looming over the project is the possibility of Sophia losing her vines, and Nico losing his job. Can these two people, and their families figure out how to make great wine together?

I loved this book, and as it’s the beginning of a series set in California’s wine country, I’m looking forward to the next book!
This was sent to me by the author and her publicist for a review.

In Bitter Chill by Sarah Ward
Ooo, a new police procedural set in England? I’m there! I received In Bitter Chill last year as an advance copy, and as Sarah Ward’s next book is due out at the end of September, I found this and started reading. It takes place in Derbyshire, and we are introduced to Detective Inspector Francis Sadler, Detective Constables Connie Childs and Damian Palmer and Superintendent Llewellwyn. They are investigating a suicide that is linked to a 30 year old murder and kidnapping. They move about their town questioning those that are still available to talk about both, and then another person, connected to the past and present is killed. Can all the dots be connected?

I really enjoyed this book, and the title is very apropos; you could feel the chilly damp weather every time someone stepped out the door. I liked getting to know the characters and the town of Bampton; there is a strong sense of place in this book. I’m looking forward to the next book, Deadly Thaw.

The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living
I loved this book! It’s about a pastry chef who accidently sets a fire in the club she works for in Boston, and escapes from it all by moving near to her best friend in a small town of Guthrie, Vermont. Olivia Rawlings ends up working for an inn called the Sugar Maple Inn, concocting wonderful desserts as she adjusts to small town life. Olivia’s transition starts a bit roughly, but as she meets people, and tries some different activities, it becomes apparent that Guthrie is quite possibly where she’s meant to be.

I am in love with books where people start over, and find the perfect new place for themselves or a new career. Olivia is a very cool person, and I look forward to more books by Louise Miller.

I am reading Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig and Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly. I also recently read and loved Louise Penny’s A Great Reckoning, which was completely amazing.

Now that these books are written down, and I've told you about them, I can get back to more reading!

Happy Reading to all of you!