Sunday, June 8, 2014

Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews

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Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews is a humorous novel about a woman who is quite a bit down on her luck. Cara Kryzik is a florist specializing in weddings, and is just about to break into the high society wedding scene in Savannah. That is, if her dad calling in the money he loaned her, the big name florist expanding from Charleston into Savannah, her dog being kidnapped, her landlord deciding that she should move out of her shop/apartment by the end of the month (June, high wedding season), and her lone employee starts behaving erratically instead of reliably.

The wedding goes off well, and gets Cara another big wedding, though with a small window of time to also be the wedding coordinator. This event includes the bride, the mom, and the stepmom, which means lots of very tactful maneuvering to attempt to keep everyone happy.

All of the above is complicated by Cara meeting an amazing man, Jack Finnerty, from an old Savannah family. She meets him over and over, as he seems to attend every wedding she arranges flowers for.

How Cara handles all of the above makes for a very enjoyable story. I like Cara, Jack, their respective dogs, and the Savannah setting. Cara is a strong woman and even though the going gets tough, and Cara occasionally makes interesting choices, her strength and sense of humor gets her through. Mary Kay Andrews does romantic comedy very well, and I love a good romantic comedy!

Highly recommended!

Happy Reading!

Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews St. Martin's Press 9781250019691

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