Monday, October 28, 2013

Reading Plan for the Rest of 2013

Hello All,

I'm going to do something radical for the next 2 months. I'm only going to read fiction, and I'm only going to read WHAT I WANT TO READ. Crazy, I know!

By no means have I been reading books I don't want to read. But I seem to be reading things that I think I should read (new fiction, nonfiction books regarding health or maybe a social issue); this isn't working for me right now, and I'm not enjoying reading like I should be.

I do realize I will never run out of things to read--I read new books, old books, and I re-read books I love. And I also re-read books to get back on track with a series that somehow I've missed a few of the more recent entries. So I decided to take care of me and have a lot of fun, because that's what reading, and life should be all about!

Some of the books in the To-Be-Read pile of fiction include:

(From the library)
Adams, Ellery; A Killer Plot (mystery)
York, Sheila; A Good Knife's Work (mystery, 1940s)
Jenkins, Beverly; Destiny's Embrace (historical romance, western)
Aaronovitch, Ben; Midnight Riot (mystery)
Rowell, Rainbow; Attachments (fiction)
Miller, Leigh Rae; The Summer I Became a Nerd (young adult fiction)
Hines, Jim C.; Libriomancer (fantasy)
MacLean, Sarah; A Rogue By Any Other Name (historical Regency romance)
Jamison, Sugar; Dangerous Curves Ahead (mystery/romance)
Weber, David; Treecat Wars (with Jane Lindskold) (young adult science fiction)
Parker, Robert B.; Silent Night: A Spenser Holiday Novel (with Helen Braun) (mystery)
Donaldson, Julianne; Blackmoore: A Proper Romance (historical romance)
Gilbert, Elizabeth; The Signature of All Things (fiction)

(At home):
Michaels, Barbara; Ammie Come Home (romantic suspense)
Balliett, Blue; Wright 3 (children's mystery)
Nguyen, Bich Minh; Pioneer Girl (advance copy) (fiction)
Allen, Sarah Addison; Lost Lake (advance copy) (fiction)
Crusie, Jennifer; Tell Me Lies (romance, fiction)

Recent books by the following authors:
Jenn McKinlay/Josie Belle, Julie Hyzy, Julia Spencer-Fleming (actually catching up on her series), E. J. Copperman, Juliet Blackwell, Naomi Novik and John Scalzi (all at home).

And some Christmas reads and re-reads will be thrown in during December, especially those by Connie Willis, and Jill Shalvis (romance, Christmas in Lucky Harbor, which contains the 1st 2 Lucky Harbor books, plus 2 Christmas novellas). And possibly Charlotte Macleod's Rest You Merry (mystery, almost an annual read for me), Miss Read's No Holly for Miss Quinn (fiction, another annual read) and Sandra Boynton's Christmastime (long out of print, but worth tracking down; it's hilarious).

And who knows what else might catch my eye over the next 2 months...?

Happy Reading!!!

PS No, I do not intend to hibernate over the next 2 months; there will be sports-watching, socializing and, of course, working :).