Wednesday, October 1, 2014

No Broken Hearts by Sheila York

Hello All!

I've spent some of my late summer/early fall reading Sheila York's Lauren Atwill mystery series, and having a great time. The books in this series are:

1. Star Struck Dead (2003)
2. A Good Knife's Work (2010)
3. Death in Her Face (2012)
4. No Broken Hearts (2014)

Of the above, Star Struck Dead is currently only available as an e-book; the rest should be available as both print and e-book.

Lauren Atwill is a script doctor, one who fixes scripts others have written, and usually with no screen credit. She is just about to be divorced, so she will be able to openly date her private detective boyfriend. This is post-war Hollywood, and there are still guidelines as to behavior in the public eye.

Lauren met Peter when she found a dead body, and they've been dealing with dead bodies and the reasons why they're dead on an unfortunately regular basis. In No Broken Hearts, Lauren's tendency to find bodies is becoming a joke among her fellow screen writers. The teasing doesn't follow her to Epic Studios, where she's been loaned out, but a body does.

No Broken Hearts does include a broken heart or two, and how things are handled behind the scenes in 1940s Hollywood; anything to keep a scandal out of the papers. Lauren and Peter do their best to handle what they can, and stay alive while doing it.

Highly recommended!

Happy Reading!

No Broken Hearts by Sheila York Five Star 9781432829148

This book was sent to me for review by the author; no other compensation was offered or accepted for this review.

PS I also loved reading about the fashion and the cars of the 1940s!