Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A DEADLY THAW by Sarah Ward

Hello All,

I am a stop on Sarah Ward's blog tour for her new book, A DEADLY THAW. Welcome to Patti's Pens and Picks, and also to Tucson. Yes, it's always sunny, and yes, it's almost always warm.

The warm climate I live in was perfect for reading both of Sarah Ward's Detective Inspector Francis Sadler books, IN BITTER CHILL and her new book, A DEADLY THAW. Both books take place in the north of England, where winters seem to be quite cold.

In A DEADLY THAW, DI Sadler, and the other members of his team, DC Connie Childs and DS Damian Palmer, are called to a case where a man who was presumed dead 12 years ago, and his wife convicted of murder, find another body who is actually the dead man. So who was the first body, and why did Lena Grey serve 11 years for it?

There are also some instances of sexual assault and rape that are somehow connected to the two male murder victims, which makes things even more convoluted. All of this cumulates into one very complicated case.

An interesting thing in Sarah Ward's books is the different points of view. In A DEADLY THAW, we have the suspect's sister, Kat, DC Childs, and DI Sadler, and occasionally Superintendent Dai Llewellyn. It is clear when Ms Ward changes viewpoints, and I found that all the viewpoints were quite helpful.

There is a terrific twist at the end.

I highly recommend both books by Sarah Ward, IN BITTER CHILL and the new book, A DEADLY THAW, now out from Minotaur Books.

Happy Reading!