Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rereading in 2009

Hello All!

2009 has become the year of rereading for me, for two reasons. One, I'm very busy with a lot of new experiences coming at me, and while I'm finding most of them very exciting, I'm a bit tired, and rereading allows you to visit with familiar characters, if not familiar plots, depending on how well you remember the book, or how often you've read it. Two, we had a lot of things in storage before our move to Tucson, including books, and some books I'm rereading to "catch-up" in a series I may have put on hold while we were living in our smaller place.

To many readers out there, rereading is crazy, why do people want to read a book over again when there are so many new books to read? Well, for me it seems to be mostly spending time with characters that I love. I will add that I'm a fast reader, and often rereading doesn't take too much time for me. Rereading is also excellent for bedtime.

I will also be spending a lot of time in 2009 reading young adult or teen books. As those of you who follow my blog know, I began a position in December as a Teen Librarian, and I am reading some excellent teen fiction.

Some series I'm rereading my way through are Commissario Guido Brunetti Venetian series by Donna Leon, Karen Pelletier academic series by Joanne Dobson, Jake Hines series by Elizabeth Gunn, Ophelia & Abby (witch) series by Shirley Damsgaard--off the top of my head. All of these authors are still writing, though some authors I reread are gone, such as Anne George and Charlotte Macleod.

Happy Reading (or, rereading, as the case may be!)!

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Kaye Barley said...

Oh,Patti - you're doing a fun thing! I think re-reading a favorite book or series is one of life's grandest little joys.