Monday, May 10, 2010

Miss Julia Renews Her Vows by Ann B. Ross

Hello All,

Boy, have I been missing out! I read the first Miss Julia years ago, and was recently sent her newest book, Miss Julia Renews Her Vows for review--what a good time! It has Southern hospitality, manners and charm, lots of humor, interesting characters, and a mystery or two!

In this series entry, Miss Julia finds her plate quite full of things to resolve to her satisfaction. Heather Marie, her first husband's former mistress, is pregnant with twins and is beginning to show--first order of business is to get her married. Next, an old friend moves back to town, and within a few days of being back, accuses another friend of Miss Julia's of assault and robbery. Last, and most annoyingly, Dr. Fred Fowler, the doctor who tried to prove her incompetent after her first husband's death, has been hired by their church to provide a marriage enrichment course (Dr. Fowler has never been married and lives with his mother).

Miss Julia resolves all of the above in the most proper of ways, and by (mostly) telling the truth, just as a lady would.

I'm ready to read through this series, and am sad that I have to wait a year for the newest Miss Julia book!

Happy Reading!

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