Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ghost Hero by S. J. Rozan

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Ghost Hero by S. J. Rozan has a super terrific twist that I can't tell you about; just go read it already! This is a Lydia Chin book in Rozan's Lydia Chin/Bill Smith alternating protagonist series. I like both lead characters equally, but the ones with Lydia are fun because of the mother/daughter conflict Lydia has going with her mom.

The ghost hero of the title is an artist who was killed during the Tianamen Square event. Lydia's client asks her to look into some rumors that are circulating that new works have been discovered by the ghost hero. Lydia starts investigating by going to art galleries, and pulls Bill in to help by pretending to be a art collector. They soon learn that they are not the only ones investigating these rumors--another private investigator, Jack Lee has been asked to look into the same thing. 

Layer upon layer is added as the detectives investigate art galleries, art studios, foreign consulates, and academic institutions all come into play. Several twists keep the plot moving and the end is excellent.

I'm afraid to say much more, other than I highly recommend this book!

Happy Reading!

Ghost Hero by S. J. Rozan, 2011, Minotaur Books, ISBN 9780312544508

This book was sent to me for review by Minotaur Books; no other compensation was offered or accepted for this review. 

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