Saturday, July 19, 2008

About Patti's Pen & Picks


And welcome to my blog :)! I've decided to try this out partially as it is another way to learn elements that are a part of Library 2.0, and partially because I feel I need (another) outlet to talk about books. Yes, I'm already on DorothyL, Fiction_L, and I know there are lots of bloggers out there already talking about books. No, I don't know if I have anything new or different to add, but I really enjoy sharing what I read, and I can't seem to help myself from wanting to make a list of one or more books that I've read to go along with the one I've just finished. It must be a librarian thing :).

I'm a reader first, librarian second, but my life is definitely surrounded by books. I read almost everything, except horror. Mysteries are my very favorite genre, though I have gotten a little more selective in the last few years--no more serial killer plots, and I don't usually like the plots where you know what both the crime solver and the evil doer are thinking; I much prefer the crime solver's point of view.

I LOVE being a librarian. Despite the fact that my husband thinks he has the best job ever, I think I have the best job ever. It is so much fun to help people, talk with people, and be constantly learning. My biggest goal as a libarian is to make the library environment a comfortable, welcoming one. Thank goodness that so many libraries are connected to other libraries, and that they share resources; it makes serving patrons so much easier.

My understanding about blogs is that short and sweet is the best way to write them--I better quit while I'm ahead :).

Happy Reading!


Bill Crider said...

Good start. I'll be checking in regularly.

Jennifer said...

Welcome to Patti of Chandler's wonderful world of blogging! WOO HOO! You go, girl!

Ken said...

Bill, Patti was so right about you. She said that you're ALLWAYS online. What did that take, 10-15 minutes before you posted a reply to her new blog? You're an "A-List" friend, according to Patti, and I'd have to aggree.

Lesa said...

Nice job for the first one, Patti. I'm your first subscriber through Bloglines!

Dave R. said...

Keep up the good work.