Monday, October 20, 2008

Finding Time to Read, and Places to Read

Hello All!

Recently on DorothyL, there were threads on finding time to read, and where is everyone's favorite place to do their reading. As I was reading through over a month's worth of posts, I decided to write about those threads rather belatedly here.

I believe the thread regarding how people find time to read really started as how do people find time to read as much as they do. There are readers on DorothyL who seem to post a review almost every day, which amazes those who read more slowly, or have different demands on their time. I am one of those who reads about 3 books a week, less if I'm reading any nonfiction.

I read constantly, when I'm not out and about, when I'm not online, when I'm not job-hunting. As I don't currently take a newspaper, I read with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I read in the evenings, and yes, I am one of those who reads while watching TV. Isn't that what the commercials are for? I once had a library patron, who works, has 5 kids and a husband, and was amazed that people even say "I don't have time to read"! I don't get that either, but different strokes. I pretty much have to read, at least a little bit, every day, or I actually get cranky. I feel like something's missing in my life if my day doesn't really permit time to read. That's when you make sure you read a little bit before you go to bed.

As far as my time goes, I am currently not working, so my lunch break can last as long as I want it to. I also have a husband who works out of town during the week, so I have my evenings to read. I don't have pets, or children, and we live in a small apartment--all of this gives me more time to read than many. I try not to read from basically 9-5, as I use that time for my job search, and to research Web and Library 2.0, as I feel that those things are my work right now.

Where I prefer to read: right now, in or on our bed. I just keep rearranging the pillows, and I'm extremely comfortable. I also like the end of the couch next to the lamp--it's very comfy, and a good place to hold a glass of water and maybe a snack. Someday, I would like a chaise, or one of those very big chairs that I call a chair & a half--both seem like they'd be great to curl up in with a good book. My husband, romantic that he is, would like us to have a love seat, with lamps perhaps at either end, where we could read together, and be close to one another, closer than we are on the couch.

So, the obvious questions I have for you are: How do you fit reading into your day? And where is your favorite place to read?

Happy Reading!!!


pattinase (abbott) said...

Once more. It used to be in bed but as my vision changes, it's not as comfortable as it was (the angle is wrong). Now it's on the sofa, my husband across the room, a fire going, a glass of wine or iced tea.

Gretchen said...

I'm a book addict, so I read pretty much everywhere during any free time I can find.

I have books on my pda so that I can read in lines at the store and in waiting rooms.

I listen to audio books in the car.

I read printed books both at work on my lunch break and at home on my couch (usually with a cat or two curled up next to me). During the summer I also have a really comfy padded chair and stool on my patio I curl up in to read outside.

Cathy said...

Over the years I've come up with various stratagems to fit reading into my day. I'm one of those people who take forever to wake up in the morning. I've gotten into the habit of getting up three hours before I have to be at work. I spend part of that three hours reading. Then when my 88-year-old grandfather lived with me for a year, I began leaving for work a bit early just so I could have some time to myself. I spent that extra time sitting in the car reading, and it's a habit I've never broken. I also read on breaks and lunches at work. Once I'm home from work, I seldom have time to read except once I've gone to bed, when I always spend at least thirty minutes with my current book. My reading time goes up during the long Arizona summers because I'll spend part of each afternoon in the pool with a book. Of course, I always have a book with me in case I find myself waiting somewhere. A bookaholic always finds a way of fitting in reading time--no matter how, no matter where!

Debbie said...

My favorite place? Probably in the family room, the recliner. That's where I usually read anyway. But in the summer, the porch swing or the hammock are good too. If I am in bed, I tend to get sleepy.
I, too, take a book with me wherever I go, so I can slip in a page or two wherever or whenever I can.
I have a frend who says she likes to read, and yet...she never does. She will say, "I don't have the time right now".
I don't understand that either.
And then...THEN...she had the nerve to ask me what we did at our bookclub? she said, "so you just sit around and talk about the book", like it was a dumb thing to do! arrgh!!!

Patti O said...

I LOVE to "sit around and talk about the book" or books in general!!! You don't just talk about the book, you talk about so many things that the book made you think about and maybe other books it reminded you of. Book groups are great!