Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank Goodness for Comfort Reads!

Hello All!

As I have mentioned before, I started a new job with the Valencia Branch Library in Tucson on Dec. 1. Currently, my commute is not quite 2 hours each way, 5 days a week, and we are moving from Chandler, AZ to Tucson in 2 weeks. My reading time is very limited, and done usually during my quick breakfast, or before falling asleep at night.

Hence, comfort reads, which for me also include rereads. Before Christmas I reread Charlotte Macleod's Rest You Merry, which does get one into a humorous mood for the holidays. Since then, I've read Jeff Cohen's It Happened One Knife, reread Anne George's Murder on a Girl's Night Out, and am currently reading both Suzann Ledbetter's Halfway to Half Way, and Louise Penny's A Rule Against Murder (US title is The Murder Stone). Murder on a Girl's Night Out really hit the spot, but unfortunately it doesn't look as if Murder on a Bad Hair Day (2nd in the series) is available through my library system--I'll just have to wait until I unpack it, by which point, I may not need comfort reads as much. Halfway to Half Way is hitting the spot, with some screwball humor in it, and characters I enjoy. As I've also been working my way through another of Charlotte Macleod's series, Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn, I have The Recycled Citizen ready to go.

I'm reading A Rule Against Murder this weekend in preparation for Louise Penny's visit to Poisoned Pen on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to that evening!

I define comfort reads as those books that make me feel better, that have characters that I can relax with, and plots that are good, but that I'm also able to keep up with if I have pick up and put down a book frequently (or infrequently, as time permits). I am a bit stressed right now, between a new job, commuting and preparing for a move, but I also always have a need to read, and to have found books to get one through the tough times when there isn't really time for reading is wonderful.

Sorry if this post wanders a bit--I may refine it a bit later on. Until then, I hope you have comfort reads available to you, should you need them.

Please feel free to share your comfort reads in a comment below!

Happy Reading!


pattinase (abbott) said...

I've been looking for one but it seems like I don't buy any. Or take any out of the library. With all this snow and cold, nothing seems quite right.

Patti O said...

How frustrating--both the bad weather, and not having something comforting to read :(. If you can get to the library tomorrow, try The Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast, or Jeanne Ray's Step-Ball-Change or anything by Charlotte Macleod, though what you consider comforting may be vastly different than mine. Good luck!

Jeff Cohen said...

Hope my book was a comfort, Patti.

Patti O said...

Yes, it was, Jeff. I'm sure everyone says this to you, but I wish I had a movie theater like that near me! That would be wonderful, and comforting--a great place for a break!

Suzann Ledbetter said...

Thanks for choosing Halfway to Half Way as a comfort read! Considering your commute, the title seems a tad ironic, but Half Way is a real Missouri town. Ditto the series' title mentions: Peculiar, Sanity, Clever and Bliss.

Hope Halfway gives/gave you a grin or two...
My best,
Suzann Ledbetter
PS., aka, blatant commercial message: the nonseries, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, is due out in late February/early March.

Patti O said...

Oh my gosh--total fangirl moment for me!!! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, Suzann!!! I think your books, especially Hannah Garvey series, are a riot! As I am reading both your book and Louise Penny's, I'm finding comfort in familiar characters and, with your book, humor :).

Halfway from Chandler to Tucson is the beginning of 1 (of 2) construction zones, sigh. Less than 2 weeks to go!

Thanks again!

How did you find my blog, by the way?

Suzann Ledbetter said...

Ah, ve haf our vays of finding reader blogs. Especially those who like our books!

If anything is incentive to write for a living, it's being a devout anti-commuter. You have my sympathy.

Have to ask, is Li'l Abner's in Marana still grilling the world's best steak? If so, please breathe in some of that fabulous aroma for us when you pass by en route to Chandler. Stuffing ourselves under the pergola and listening for hours to the house band is one of my husband's and my fondest, most fattening memories of a 3-week jaunt through the SW a few years ago.

Jeez, now I've made myself hungry!

And thank you, Patti, for all the kind words about my books!

Anonymous said...

Patti, I really enjoyed meeting you on Tuesday evening. Thanks so much for setting up the dinner. It was a great evening, one to be remembered.

Hope your move goes well. I'm back in Texas, but don't have to go back to work until Saturday.

Comfort reads are great. I've mentioned mine more than once on my blog. I'm enjoying Donis Casey's new book, THE SKY TOOK HIM, right now and then will pick up Louise's RULE AGAINST MURDER.

Again, thanks so much and much luck to you!