Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lucky Stiff by Deborah Coonts

Hello All!

I am happy to share everything with all of you about Deborah Coonts's book, Lucky Stiff! Ms. Coonts was kind enough to forward an advance readers' copy of this book for review.

In order (for me) to read Lucky Stiff, I had to run out and buy the first in this series, ,
Wanna Get Lucky?, because I am one of those readers who must read series in order. I LOVED Wanna Get Lucky?, and Lucky Stiff is an excellent successor to the first book.

In Lucky Stiff, our heroine, Lucky O'Toole, in her primary role as Head of Customer Relations for the Babylon Hotel in Las Vegas, must contend with a huge boxing match, an entomologists' convention, and the auction of a virgin (certified) to the highest bidder. In a secondary role that she has fallen into, that of amateur detective, she wants to solve the murder of a oddsmaker who died in the Babylon's shark tank.

I think Lucky is one of the smarter female characters to come along in quite some time. She is intelligent, strong, remembers almost everything, knows who to know in Las Vegas, and is described as a full-figured, attractive woman. Her defenses are being broken down by new friends and a new love. And the books are very funny. It is highly complimentary when I say that Deborah Coonts has the same sense of screwball humor that Jennifer Crusie has.

For a good time (and a good mystery) read all about Lucky!

Happy Reading!

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