Monday, January 2, 2012

Patti's Picks for 2011

Patti’s Picks:
Favorites of 2011

Alexander, Tasha             A Crimson Warning
(historical mystery)

Allen Sarah Addison        The Peach Keeper           
(fiction with magic)

Asher, Jay                        13 Reasons Why             
(teen, fiction)

Blackwell, Juliet              A Cast-Off Coven                                                    (mystery with witches)

Blake, Sarah                    The Postmistress            
(historical fiction)

Cline, Ernest                    Ready Player One            
(science fiction)

Coonts, Deborah              Wanna Get Lucky?          
(funny mystery, Las Vegas, 1st)

Coonts, Deborah              Lucky Stiff                                                               (2nd in series)

Copperman, E.J.              Night of the Living Deed                                           (Haunted Guesthouse Mystery, 1st)

Crusie, Jennifer               Bet Me                                                             (humorous romance)

DeWitt, Patrick                 The Sisters Brothers                                                 (western)

Donnelly, Gabrielle          The Little Women Letters

Faust, Christa                  Choke Hold                                                              (noir, explicit violence & sex                                         excellent writing)

Green, John                     Let It Snow                     
w/ Maureen Johnson      (teen holiday adventure & romance)
& Lauren Myracle

Griffiths, Elly                   The Crossing Places                                         (British archeology mystery)

Hyzy, Julie                       Artistic License                                                        (romantic suspense)

Jennings, Maureen          A Journeyman to Grief    
(police procedural, 1890s Toronto)

Johnson, Maureen           Name of the Star             
(teen, fantasy)

Johnson, Maureen           13 Little Blue Envelopes                                          (teen, adventure)

Johnson, Maureen           The Last Little Blue Envelope                                         (teen, adventure)

Larson, Erik                     In the Garden of Beasts                                           (nonfiction, 1930s Berlin)

Lukas, Michael D.            The Oracle of Stamboul                                           (historical fiction)

Maron, Margaret               Three-Day Town (mystery, #17)
Morgenstern, Erin            The Night Circus                                                      (historical fantasy, magic)

Novik, Naomi                   His Majesty’s Dragon                                               (historical fantasy, dragons, 
                                        Napoleonic Wars, #1)

Novik, Naomi                   Throne of Jade
                                        (historical fantasy, dragons
                                         Napoleonic Wars, #2
Pintoff, Stefanie               The Secret of the White Rose                                          (historical, 1900s New York City)

Ross, Ann B                     Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle                                            (fiction)

Rozan, S.J.                      Ghost Hero                                                             (PI mystery, #11)

Selznick, Brian                Wonderstruck    
                                        (children's fiction, beautiful

Simonson, Helen             Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand   

Stabenow, Dana              Though Not Dead            
(Alaskan mystery, #18)

Weber, David                   A Beautiful Friendship    
(teen, science fiction)

Wendell, Sarah                Everything I Know About Love,
                                        I Learned From Romance Novels
                                        (nonfiction, humorous)

Westerfeld, Scott              Goliath                                                             (steampunk, fantasy, WWI, #3)

Winspear, Jacqueline       Among the Mad                                                        (historical, British PI, 1930s, #6)

Winspear, Jacqueline       The Mapping of Love & Death
(historical, British PI, 1930s, #7)

Winspear, Jacqueline       A Lesson in Secrets                                          (historical, British PI, 1930s, #8)

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