Monday, January 2, 2012

Introduction to Patti's Picks

Hello All!

The post to follow will have the list of Patti's Picks for 2011. The formatting is a little off, as I copied & pasted it from Word (not an ideal thing to do for Blogger, rumor has it), but I corrected it as best as I could.

Yes, I realize it's a long list, but who says year-end lists have to be limited to a mere 10 items? These are books I enjoyed for their writing, or their characters, or the story, or all of the above. I have read things that I never would have thanks to publishers' advance reading copies, friends' recommendations or reviews, or reviews read in the course of my work in Collection Development.

I hope you find something to read in the following post, or if you read one or more of the books, that you will share your opinion of the same book with me.

May you read many wonderful books in 2012!!!


Literary Feline said...

Sounds like you read quite a few good ones, Patti!

Patti O said...

Thank you! I had a very good reading year!