Thursday, November 12, 2009

Books Purchased, Not Finished and Finished

Hello All!

Doesn't it sound like I'm busy? The word "books" applies to one each of those above catagories.

I went to Bookman's yesterday (probably one of the best used media stores in the country!) looking for one book, and even without my list, found another that I was looking for--don't you love that? I found Nancy E. Turner's These Is My Words, the first of her Sarah Prine novels. The challenge has been with this book is that 1) Nancy Turner lives in Tucson, and 2) These is My Words was the One Book/One AZ title in 2008. My personal opinion about why it's been so hard to find used is that lots of copies were bought at that time (and other times, it's probably a great book group book too), so every copy that's turned into Bookman's gets sold right away, and also that many own signed copies that they don't want to get rid of. Yes, I've read it, but I do want to read it again now that I live in Tucson, and I wanted to own it.

Based on my own disinterest, and opinions of friends about Alexander McCall Smith's books set in Scotland vs those set in Botswana, I've decided not to finish 44 Scotland Street. I gave it more than 50 pages, but I just didn't care about the characters, so I'm going to find something else for my bedtime reading.

I finished Michael Connelly's The Lincoln Lawyer, and it was very good. I wasn't sure I'd like the main character, but Mickey Haller is a sensible person about being a lawyer--he knows it's a job, a tough one, but he does it well and he's the one you want on your side. Haller has done the one thing he hoped never would happen in his career as a defense lawyer; he let a truly innocent man go to jail. In this book, Connelly gives you hope in relationships, a picture of how hard everyone works both sides of cases, and shows you the worst in criminals. Read it.

Happy Reading!

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